I don't know how to read, write or play music. Never did, although that didn't stop me from playing bass guitar for a local nu metal band many years ago. I was what a musician might call a poseur (or poser, if you prefer the American spelling).

Now I want to learn to read music, play it and compose a song. My reasons are chiefly cerebral: to improve my cognitive abilities and to more fully appreciate musical genres like jazz, classical and gospel hymns.

To manage expectations (both mine and yours), I'll mention that I work a full-time job outside and is completely unrelated to music. I'm a father and active church goer. I date (albeit not lately) and socialize. I'm committed to reading 100 books a year. I meditate daily and love to cuddle my cats. This all takes time! Then there is my bilateral tendinitis (golfer's elbow) on both arms...

My point is that due to time and physical limitations, I'll have to get over my perfectionism and focus on quantity over quality. It may also go in weird directions.

Let's see what happens.