7 Minute White Key Drill

Today is day six of my piano learning experiment. Day five was Sunday the sabbath, day of rest. This morning I did my daily 7 minute workout. After two rounds of going full-out, I'm sweating and panting. It feels like enough exercise – that my time is well spent in those two seven minute drills. I wish I spent all my time as constructively. Then I thought about how I might make my white key practice more effective. What if I did a 7 minute, non-stop high-intensity white key drill? Would I get the same mileage as my workout? It's worth a try. So I developed a 7 minute white key drill that doesn't require signing up for anything. It's seven minutes long of me calling out random notes. I'm going to practice it tomorrow with the same focus and intensity that I bring to my 7 minute workout.