I can't seem to replicate the jazzy seventh chords I see on tutorials. My triads sound fine, but when I add the fourth note it often sounds muddy. Could it be my keyboard? My (lack of) technique? A bit of both?

The fact I can't play seventh chords is slightly worrying. Jazz is all about the sevens, the nuanced melodies, the diffused harmonies. Maybe I'm better suited for playing simple two-note stadium rock power chords.

Reminds me of an interview long ago with J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr when he said he couldn't get really tight-sounding riffs out of his guitar (unlike a band such as Helmet, although I don't recall him mentioning anyone in particular). J's sound is messier, and totally his own. You can tell a J Mascis riff from a mile a way.

And that's what it comes down to for musicians: finding your own sound.

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