Adaptive Strategy

My hands were sore this morning due to piano practice, and even more so after tonight's practice. I'm not worried though. As my hands get stronger the pain and soreness should subside.

I am worried about my arms though. Even after wearing my elbow braces, they ache and burn. My tendinitis is aggravated and I don't want it to get so bad it will be too difficult to focus and too painful to practice. I need to learn how to sight-read and play piano with the least amount of actual playing as possible.

Sounds ridiculous in a way, like wanting something at the store but being unwilling to pay the fair price. However, that's not the case. I want to be healthy enough to practice at all. Managing my symptoms is key.

The first adaptive strategy that comes to mind is mental practice (or inner piano as I call it). Find the right mentalization technique, then blend that in with physical practice. Fundamentals of Piano Practice mentioned mental practice, but I didn't get to that part yet.

It's next on my todo list.