Cryptic Chord Combinations

Last night I dreamt about chords and chord formulas. It was a fitful sleep. In my dreams I kept trying to play the elusive opening chords for So What by Bill Evans on my RockJam 54-key keyboard. When I finally rose from bed this morning, still half in a dream state, I pointed to my cat crossly and said "you better tell me how to play those chords" – as if she knew the secret finger positioning and was holding out on me.

Even if she does know, she's not talking.

Speaking of cryptic chord combinations, I played the first two chords of David Sylvian's September and it sounded right. A smile crept upon my face. Then I hit this brick wall of a chord (or is it chords) with D6-5sus2. I'm decoding the chord using this fantastic article as a guide.

A few things have changed since starting the Poseur to Composer project about a month and a half ago. Punctuality is one: I was late for work again today. I'm also sleeping an hour less at night, stopped exercising completely, cut my meditation time from an hour to 20 minutes, and my diet has gotten worse (eating mostly comfort foods, very little fruit and vegetables).

I suspect these changes are due to immersion / cognitive flow. This stuff is fascinating for me and time is whirring by...

That reminds me, I need to get to bed.