Today I figured out the finger positioning and played the major scales on piano, something I learned from Mantius Cazaubon's Piano Lessons For Absolute Beginners. It's a free course on Udemy. I'm also practicing four chords: C, A minor, F and G, as part of the Pianoforall course, also on Udemy, but not free.

My fingers are adjusting to the awkward configurations required to play the chords, but not without soreness afterwards.

I also revisited James Rhodes' book How to Play the Piano. I've been nibbling on this one, but this morning as I studied the diagrams for a few minutes, I experienced a thunderclap 'aha' moment. The fragments of music theory I'm learning here and there are beginning to snap together. Things are starting to make sense.

Regarding yesterday's post: The ending is a train wreck. I simply ran out of hours in the day and ended the post abruptly. I'll fix that when I can. I also made the incendiary remark "there’s enough music in the world already" and need to clarify further. Maybe in a separate post.