Inner Piano Lessons

This is day three of my learning piano experiment. I have an idea for how I might map the location of each white key into my muscle memory: I designated fingers for certain keys with band aids, as pictured below: This way my left hand's middle finger is trained to press the C note, and the index finger is trained to press the D note and so on. Once each of my fingers and thumbs instinctively know what note to press, I can take the band aids off. This will also help with visualization, a technique I'll be relying heavily on. As stated earlier, I have a bad case of tendinitis in both arms. I plan to visualize my fingers touching the correct note on demand, and even recreate the tactile sensations of it, to prevent overworking the tendons of my arms. Zig Ziglar, the successful salesman and motivational speaker tells the story of a U.S. prisoner of war in Vietnam who played a round of golf in his mind every day of his captivity. Years later, when finally released, he discovered that his golf game was better than before. It was all due to visualizing himself performing at an optimal level. This psychological technique is often called the inner game, a term first coined by Timothy Gallwey. I'm trying something similar. Let's call it inner piano lessons. I don't have years to practice this though. I want this memorized in the next day or so. I'll have a progress report for you tomorrow. Stay tuned.