Poseur to Composer

In my early 20s I was bassist in a nu metal band (our influences were Melvins, Helmet, Kyuss among others). I didn't actually know how to read music though. I just played by ear and thrashed away at my instrument. I even lit my bass guitar on fire during a gig at Toronto's Opera House.

I was what real musicians call a poseur.

Now I'm learning to read and write music, primarily jazz and gospel hymns. I also want to play a variety of instruments, starting with the piano, but due to tendinitis (golfer's elbow in both my arms) the amount of time I can spend doing repetitive practice will be limited.

My intention is that Poseur to Composer eventually becomes a book - a sort of continuation of my first book Zero to Superhero. A little more information about the project is on the about page.