Jazz Cat

Photo by Nina Childish

Today I was in my home office when I heard some minor chords and an arpeggio from my keyboard in the other room. It sounded like some of the avant garde jazz I've been listening to lately. I rushed in to see my cat walking on the keys. My cat plays better than I do!

I'm trying to change that, so I've been practiced the So What intro with renewed diligence. I noticed how sluggish and inefficient my fingering is (on the part right after Bill Evan's opening chords). I see opportunities to "refactor" the fingering, to make that part flow smoother with less movement of the hand.

If you're unaware of what refactoring is, it's a programming term. It means to improve code by making it more readable and efficient.

Also practiced C Major scales: my max tempo for two hands descending is 82. Hope to earn that checkmark by tomorrow night.

Time bookstanding today: 30 minutes Quality of meditation (out of 10): 5