Let's face it. Memorizing piano chords is not fun. I find myself dawdling, reading articles and doing other small errands during my day off instead of hunkering down on this homework.

On one such lollygagging session I discovered Piano Chords & Progressions: The Secret Backdoor to Exciting Piano Playing by Duane Shinn. It teaches 144 music chords, 12 chords at a time. Looks like it might get me farther than Pianoforall.

In this book Duane mentions how some major chords are like Oreo cookies; black keys on the outside and white key on the inside (the Eb Major Chord for example). A quick search on the internet shows this mnemonic is used elsewhere, along with similarly tasty comparisons to blackberry jam sandwiches, marshmallows and chocolate / vanilla ice cream (Source: Color Score).

Sure, these learning aids sweeten the deal and help the medicine go down a little better (sorry, no more food metaphors) but it's no substitute for the physical, repetitious practice required to imprint these chords into the hands.

Time to practice.