Since starting Poseur to Composer it's occurred to me just how important hymns are in my life. Music is a tool (and a gift from God), but what we do with this tool, this gift, can make all the difference. Hymns heal and give hope for a better day, something this increasingly turbulent world needs.

So I decided to start a internet radio station for hymns, called At this point I'm fully invested in sharing the power of hymns to as many people as possible. You can listen for free 24/7/365.

I also want to sight-sing hymns, mainly for two reasons: First is to continue learning music theory so I can eventually compose music, and secondly, to assess hymns for inclusion to the radio station. Today I opened a hymnal to sing the first hymn and immediately had to look up the key signature (I never memorized them). Then I saw that the hymn is 12/8 time and realized I merely glossed over the topic of rhythm and time signatures. Time to buckle down and actually learn this stuff!

I tried to sing the notes on the page anyway and, well, my pitch was way off. I'm not hitting the notes. Another quick internet search says I need to learn solf├Ęge? The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper.

So it seems there are a few skills I need to level-up on before I'm ready to tackle sight-singing again. Question is, where do I start first?