Prelude to Understanding

Tonight I practiced the first two bars of Bach's Prelude No.1 in C major for about 45 minutes. My right hand and right elbow throb. I wonder how my arm will feel tomorrow.

As I play the keys again and again, I begin to feel connected to the song and the songwriter. What is he trying to say in this melancholy melody? This is the man who walked 250 miles just to see some dude play the organ. Yet I know so little about Bach or his music, or about Classical music in general. I barely understand the title of the song. Prelude No.1? Did Bach write other preludes? And my understanding of playing in major or minor chords is fuzzy at best.

I'll find out the answers to all these questions and get back to you.

A prelude, according to Google, is an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important. Prelude No.1 is my introduction to a better understanding of music.