Warning: the above photo is way more action-packed than this blog post. Courtesy of Pikrepo.

The purpose of Poseur to Composer has changed somewhat since I started with the about page.

Initially I wanted to document my journey learning to read, write and play music. I didn't know what instrument to use or genre of music to play, I just didn't want music to be a big hazy mystery anymore.

Now the goal is a bit clearer. It's implied in the title Poseur to Composer but I'll make it explicit: my objective is to create and perform a piece of music using a legitimate process. Once this is done, the project is done (although I may still continue blogging here).

What a legitimate process is I still don't know. Is improvisation and freestyle a legitimate form of composition? Does it require the use and/or mastering of a musical instrument? Is the voice an instrument? I say yes but others might not. Could composition be the artful arrangement of samples? I say no. That would be a cop-out.

Many more questions are abrew. Even the instrument and genre of music are still negotiable.

Readers of this blog know I'm working on a song that essentially defines a new genre: the dhymn. I'm committed to making this a reality. Unfortunately progress is slow (it'll be another year before I'm able to release the proof-of-concept to the public) and things are getting stale around here.

So while my one foot is firmly in place, my other foot is swiveling in a new direction: I'm diving into hip hop (the rap and mixing, not the b-boying and graffiti) to see what I can create.

I'm excited :)