The Killer Chords of Bill Evans

I found a jazz keyboardist on Fiverr. For a small fee he records an instructional video showing how to play any song on the keyboard. I contacted him and asked if he could show me how to play the first 28 seconds of So What. Not the whole song, just the intro. He agreed and I ordered the gig.

That was four days ago.

Yesterday morning he messaged me: he was sick and delivery would be late. He has not been heard from since. No delivery, no updates. I messaged him this morning but he has not replied. I'm starting to think the assignment killed him. Those ethereal, otherworldly opening chords have a body count!

Don't believe me? Last month I reached out to three piano/keyboard instructors. I asked if they could teach me the intro for So What and a price estimate for the service. Two never replied back. One did and enthusiastically agreed to teach me via email. He would send me diagrams and a video of how to play it.

Then he went dark for a week. When I asked for an update, he backed out.

Today another keyboard instructor bites the dust!

I'm giving it another try on Fiverr. A composer took the gig this morning and promises to deliver a piano midi in five days. Part of me hopes he just makes it out alive.