The Most Rebellious Thing You Can Do

Today I've read two short books on the Circle of Fifths and how it pertains to scales, keys, chords and modes. Reading is passive learning though. To make this information stick I should: 1) work these formulas out for myself using pencil and paper and 2) lay my hands on the keyboard and physically play these scales.

I see how I'm trying to rush the learning process. Like everything else lately.

It's as if I'm not in control of my own life, but instead being swept along in the current of social obligations, urgent tasks, unconscious complexes and other invisible forces.

It's been said that meditation is the most rebellious thing you can do because you stop: stop running the hamster wheel, stop buying and consuming, even stop thinking. The inner self becomes still. That inner stillness becomes an anchor throughout the entire day. It's a feeling of serenity and control – something I lack lately because I haven't meditated with my usual diligence.

So from today forward I'll report how much time I meditated that day (in a single morning session) and score the session out of 10 (10 being optimal focus and intensity).

Here's my first entry:

Time meditated today: 20 minutes Quality of meditation (out of 10): 3