The Other Rhythm

This'll be a short one, as I'm busy and sleep deprived. The new job is intense. There's never a full moment at the homeless shelter. Not sure how I'll squeeze meaningful practice in between back-to-back 12 hour shifts though.

Right now I'm flipping my circadian rhythm to be awake during the night and sleepy during the day. It takes at least five days to do it, five days before I sleep properly. Once I'm sleeping properly my focus and memory retention will return to normal.

How does one switch from days to nights in only five days? The trick isn't when you go to bed, it's when you wake up. You must awaken at the same time every day for five days straight, and not take a nap during those days either. Works like a charm.

I'm still doing Joff's left right hand exercises, even as I nod off. Will practice Jump too.

Meditation Time bookstanding today: 40 minutes Quality of meditation (out of 10): 6

Practice Minutes on the keyboard today (out of 40): 10 minutes Quality of practice (out of 10): 4

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