The Other Side of Understanding

I asked a casual friend who knows music theory to help me with the opening chords for So What. When I play them, they don't sound right.

The next day she gave me a piece of paper. It spells out the chords, but I still can't follow it. There's mention of quartal harmonies and 2nd inversions in the first two bars alone. I haven't learned this yet. Triads are still new to me.

I don't want to retreat yet again to a different song, or slog through another Udemy course. They're good but time consuming, and I have a knack for not finishing them.

So I downloaded several android apps (the one from Songtive looks best) but the gap between where I am and where they are seems a leap too far. Then again, isn't reading above one's current level of comprehension an effective learning strategy?

Somehow or another, I must get to the other side.