Three Piano Practicing Tips

Today I played notes from sheet music. Excruciatingly slow mind you, but I'm reading notes and playing them. If I told you it was from the first bar of Bach's Prelude No.1 you might be impressed, but don't be. It's a simple piece and I play it like a baby rides a tricycle, unsteady and halting, with no momentum whatsoever.

The book I'm learning Prelude from is How to Play the Piano. I've mentioned it several times before and will continue doing so until I can play the piece in its entirety.

This morning I partially skimmed Fundamentals of Piano Practice by Chuan Chang (you can download the book here). Helpful advice gleaned from it includes:

  • When practicing one segment, always include the beginning of the following segment
  • Start by practicing the most difficult sections first
  • Non-musical playing is an absolute no-no at all times

The last tip is surprising. Does non-musical playing include practicing scales? My finger coordination has improved dramatically in the short time doing them. Perhaps I should focus solely on playing Prelude?

It's getting late and it's time to call it a day. Since starting this project, I've been sleeping at least one hour less a night.

Time to ride the rainbow to dreamland!