Tricky Parts

Only got a bit of keyboard practice in today. A few minutes in the morning and squeezed a few minutes into my crowded evening. With my tendinitis-riddled arms the way they are, it's for the best anyway. I need to be deliberate with my practice, to think about what I'm trying to accomplish before laying fingers on the keys.

Especially important is to anticipate any tricky parts ahead of time (a protip I gleaned from How to Play the Piano).

Speaking of tricky parts, at work I was chatting with a customer about math rock and how the genre is known for its interesting time signatures (he's a fan of The John Denver Experience). Later I did a search for "jazz math rock" and found this reddit thread. No time to listen to any of the recommendations tonight, but hopefully tomorrow.

One more thing: the Avant-garde Classical playlist on YouTube Music is pretty tricky. Worth checking out.

Update: It's not The John Denver Experience but The Dillinger Escape Plan and not math rock but mathcore. My mistake.