When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Appears

I got so preoccupied with looking up chords for various songs this morning I was late for work. One thing I searched for (in vain) was classical piano notation with the chord names above the treble staff. I didn't know if that was a common practice or not, but I'd seen it in the wild a few times.

I want to be fluent in both languages, traditional musical notation and "chordlang" (i.e. Cm7sus4, F#6add9 etc).

Turns out that music notated with the chord name above the staff is a common practice: it's called lead sheets or fake books.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about (from the Wikipedia page).

I found this out from a book I found at a thrift shop – today! Talk about timing! The book is Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks or Less by Dan Delany and Bill Chotkowski and teaches how to use lead sheets right from the start of the course. The book has a jazz-bend too (the songs to practice are kind of jazzy). It couldn't be more perfect.

Also discovered Chordify today. It makes every other music app look old.