Zooming Along

Today I learned about the stave and clefs, notes, bars and related. Since this new information hasn't been tempered with practical application yet, maybe learned isn't the right word. "Exposure to" is probably more honest. The best explanation for bass and trebel clefs come from The Music Theory Guy, with honorable mention going to How To Read Music Fast by Mantius Cazaubon. While I zoom in on various aspects of music theory, I'm also getting a big picture look at Jazz with Playing Changes: Jazz for the New Century. The author Nate Chinen is a top Jazz critic and he flexes his world class writing skills and extensive knowledge of music in this historical overview. Another book that I'm getting a kick out of is Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music by Jonathan Harnum. He too is providing a broader look at music theory, not just for playing the piano but notation for guitar and percussion instruments. Piano may be the best instrument for me to learn music theory, but I want to keep my options open and explore the terrain.